History of the World

The start of the human race was initiated from Africa. The greatest civilisations to ever have existed were made centuries ago in the following regions:

1. Indus Valley civilisation ( of Bronze Age) – Harappa, Mohenjo-radro, Dholavira, Ganeriwala , Rakhigarhi.

2. Egypt civilisation – most ancient pyramids were built in Saqqara. However, largest pyramid built was Khufu at Giza

3. Mesopotamia – Ziggurat in Iraq along the rivers of Tigris-Euphrates

4. Damascus – Damascus, Syria. Damascus is widely believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, with evidence of habitation dating back to at least 11,000 years ago.

Where do these countries stand today in relation to power, civilisation rate, standard of living, technology?

There has been nil progress as compared to the origins of these civilisations. These civilisations were more advanced as compared to the world around them. They could sense the future and achieve it but they were unable to sustain themselves against the mankind’s follies.

What we guage is that a super power today will not be there forever and there will be a new entrant w.r.t. power/ technology. All this is built today by extracting resources from existing flourishing nations.

We can only wait and watch what does the human race do next or where will the world lead us in the coming years. The only predictable thing about humanity is its unpredictability.



Freshly ground coffee. Vivacious, fresh roses. The earth right after a shower of rain. These are just a few of the numerous scents which appeal to us. Fragrance. Something that revitalizes us with just a whiff. Something you would like after a long, hard day to de-stress. But isn’t there fragrance around us all the time in some way or the other? Nature too has a fragrance. The toil to succeed at life also has a fragrance. Your home also has a fragrance. We are so consumed by the fast-paced life that we fail to recognize the sweet smelling life that we are in. Life has a fragrance, every second has its own sweet scent. Can you embrace it?


The new mantra

Lack of rest
Excess of stress

Is the new life mantra


I love you

Strength is what I call you,
Yet calling you my weakness would also be true,

I want to be with you for eternity
I miss you each night when you’re not with me,

Long nights and stretching days,
And all I can remember are your beautiful ways

My eyes seek you
The heart beats for you
I wait for you, wanting you

This love will last forever and your absence will be felt each time when you’re not around me
Do not leave me alone, It makes me go crazy

Love truly makes you soar. Soak up all the February love.❀



Our shadow shows who we are. Shadows are big or small based on the position of the sun, they are present or absent based on the time.

With every move we make we try to overcome our shadow and walk towards a ray of hope by leaving our baggage behind us.

The only constant is that we move. We evolve. We change. In the hope for a different future. That’s all any one can do.