Who is the best?

Society labels the best as the one who does better than everyone else in the fray. But what about those who have excelled by being the best versions of themselves rather than someone who is still far from achieving their full potential. Food for thought. Who is the best according to you?


Waiting in queues, following laws/ instructions

Are we just fearful of the law or do we actually believe in its vitality? Some follow blindly, some break the law, some understand it’s importance. Maybe majority of us blindly follow, but there is always that one exception time and again who challenges the law. The thought is put into action and gradually the “sheep” follow.
Respect the law but dare to hold your own if your truth deserves more adherence.
Don’t be afraid to challenge everything you know. Don’t be afraid to follow the general law if you believe in it. Such is the nature of evolution

Near or far

There was a time when long distance relationships were considered a taboo. A battle that could never be won.

But these days, almost everything seems like a long distance relationship. And a relationship that we have chosen.

Our social life has been reduced to a virtual world. How many of us know our own neighbours? How many of us talk to our family more than being envisaged by social media.

Suddenly, this urge to know about the lives of random strangers on our social media accounts overpowers the need to develop existing relations.

We have completely lost the socialising basics. Earlier interactions were personal, physical, we took out time to smile, laugh, enjoy from the game of life. With progress, telephones became a rage but its utility was restricted to passing along messages.

Mobile phones disrupted the pattern over the previous decades. Cost for calling and the novelty of messaging brought about a dynamic shift in the importance of these machines. The industry fed us ways to alienate the world at the cost of free messaging apps and we gladly accepted them. Today our emotions are expressed via emojis. Our own reality is shunned using the social media as a distraction from our life. Emotions have reduced, we are slowly turning into the machine itself.

The next target was our social interactions. Now they are a means to upload stories, photos, videos to prove to the world that we are having fun. Its creeping slowly to take over our life and we let it.

In whatever age we are handicapped if our phone battery drains off or your network isnโ€™t available. Even at Vacations where we specifically require peace and ecstasy, we are only physically available. Mentally we are still with our mobile phones. Perpetually searching or asking for a wifi password. If they donโ€™t have enough network in the rooms, you wonโ€™t mind sitting in the lobby and scrolling through the social media.

Of course I’m not pointing out the fair bit of pros as well. Social Media is a great platform to let you keep in touch with your old friends and near & dear ones. Its a beautiful concept, to connect with the entire world from one place. But we sacrifice the people around us who love us, who have been here throughout. Which is not something anybody can agree to.

We need to try and find time and meet near and dear ones. Social media is a mirage which may one day end making you feel lonesome even with a 1000 followers/ friends.

Start Feeling.. Start Living.. Start Enjoying the Moments..

Guest writer – Talking taswir


Itโ€™s said to be best when roads are parallel and never intersect, there is constant communication. Both roads live on close to each other with their own paths. But once the roads cross, there is no proximity. Then there is only divergence and distance which keeps on increasing. Stay parallel, stay happy!


We are so clouded by the beauty/ truth of a picture that we fail to see the back of the coin. The photographer is sometimes so taken with the idea of the picture that humanity is shoved aside. Sometimes the best picture need not be captured but should be salvaged. Humanity for humanity’s sake should be encouraged.

The Right Word

One word but with different meanings in different languages and countries.

It can be a mark of respect/ gratitude towards someone or it may be an insult.

Itโ€™s so necessary to know and use the correct word or the conversation/ person may steer out of control. In today’s cut throat world, it’s far easier to misjudge someone than to try and accept a reasoning. Language, the very invention of man is now coming in the way of communication. Such are the paradox of things.