IMG-20190323-WA0001The delicate beauties. Loved by all but live a short life. Symbol of fragrance, colour, charm, elegance.

A bouquet of flowers is a sure way to bring a smile on every face.
It’s so sad that something that signifies so much happiness, doesn’t stay around longer. I guess that is part of its desire.
We love flowers but are never attached to them. We don’t feel bad when they are dead, it’s easy to throw them away without a flicker of sadness.

Flowers, which have their presence everywhere, in life or in death, in the end mean so little.

It’s so easy for us to ignore the small things which impact our life. We overlook these droplets of happiness in pursuit of some great euphoria.
Why so.



Freshness in your eyes
Mask the tiredness of your body
The pleasant weather outside
Adorned with pollution and smog
Everyday you burn yourself
Little by little to be recognised
To touch people’s lives by small deeds
Makes you realise
Life is nothing but a realignment of your dreams
To make you feel you have fulfilled all your needsIMG-20190305-WA0007


It all started with a small write up for college

A talent well hidden under layers of societal norms
A skill set honed silently by night,
Never was this art of writing imagined by anyone,
Discovered by a well wisher
Add someone’s persuasion, someone’s core belief,
The result is a beautiful epiphany
this has led me to love myself, to have faith in myself
To accept the nurtured thoughts and be proud to share them with the world
A mini world among the larger netizens,
Where you teach, express, learn something everyday
The universe has a funny way of making sense
Bonds expected to be limited to the borders of a menial job have intertwined to become so much more than just a beautiful chapter.

Love you SS & TKIMG-20190224-WA0002


Lets seek blessings from the Almighty who resides within each one of us
The one with different names and form ‘Ekam’, ‘The One Absolute’, ‘Sum of all Souls’, ‘Creator of all’

The one who possesses the weapon of mass destruction ‘NATURE’, who we exploit without the fear of repercussions

Let’s all have a little faith in the ultimate and be wary of destroying his creations. Peace to allIMG-20190219-WA0072