The confluence

How insightful is the English language? A sentence can have a past, present and future together

It makes you think if we ever manage to look at the past, present and future as a whole?

We live in the present yet we are concentrating on the mistakes of the past and the mystery of the future. We keep reliving past happiness and expecting a brighter future.

We tend to overlook the magnitude of life, viewing all three as one.

Life is beautiful as one, let’s look at it like an everlasting flame, shining throught the journey. Let’s feed it with the happiness of the present, the wisdom of the past and the excitement of the future.



Have you felt it?

Hunger to always know more,
To search the ultimate truth,
To go beyond the horizon,
It’s a continuous learning

Life is as deep as you want it to be

The deeper you go, the more mysterious it gets,

Humanity is known for always advocating the thirst to know more and more
We’ve explored the far corners of the ocean and the deep bowels of the earth’s crust.

Yet we are miles away from the core.
Isn’t life funny that way?


Forever is an outdated concept today. And for good cause. We promise eternity but fall short of its expectations.


It’s immaturity to think that we want all of that forever whereas the truth is we need everything at different points in life. That’s the best part of humanity, it’s dynamic.
Why subject yourself to one attribute forever when you can have small bits of heaven all throughout. Taste each phase of life with a renewed vigor, don’t fall prey to your comfort zone.

Be Wild, Be Free!

Generation Gap

A generation gap is always used as a front for teenagers or kids to explain their parent’s obnoxious ideas and as proof for the injustice they seem to be suffering from the parents’ restraints and rules. It’s the most common as well as the most deep-rooted issue that the 21st century seems to be facing. But here’s some food for thought – Why is the “generation gap” ideology becoming popular in the recent times when the concept of an age difference is here since light? Is it that our ancestors did not feel the miscommunication and diversified ideas that we face? Did they not have their own thinking? Or were they too obedient to do anything about it? Has the latest technology and exposure to children in today’s world led to such circumstances? Your guess is as good as mine.

When it comes to me, I’m always bewildered by this concept. And like any faithful teenager I too believe in the concept of “parents-don’t-understand”. But thinking deep into it, there seems to be a lot of untouched ground in the huge controversy surrounding this subject. Sure understood that the people in the earlier years never were exposed to the outside world, so they did not know a belief other than what they were taught. It was always put to them that what is taught is right. And people who dared to think otherwise or cultivate a doubt in their head were brutally assassinated. There are too many gore stories for us to ignore how backward and narrow minded was the environment back then.
Coming to the 21st century: No matter what, I admire the youth for their courage to think different. Today, I believe that the generation gap is at its peak due to the increasing acceptance of the word “different but ONE”. In today’s world not only has the youth started to think that each one is different with their varied principles and varied beliefs but it also begun to accept this difference as a part of society. The gays, lesbians and transvestites laws are a standing proof to the matter. This is where the whole conflict arose.

Our parents were brought up in a society that laid down a few norms, a few rules. And it is but natural that it was instilled in their mind that these norms are acceptable and following them means ensuring a good reputation in society. And it is totally acceptable as at every stage in history, it can be seen how man is a follower of design. There has to be a bureaucratic layout. It emits regulation and discipline. And that’s how citizens of society remain mentally stable as they have something to believe in. In today’s world however, the thought process that goes behind in this: The society has been created for specific similar minded people. It does not give the scope or flexibility for diverse people to live freely. Hence, emerged the concept of live by your own rules and take charge of your own life.
There can be million debates and discussions on why this occurs. But the question is, who is right? Is it the elder generation who has a dignified, unified and principalized way of thinking? Or is it the younger generation who want to break all rules to defend their integrity and right to freedom? Is it ethical for parents to chastise the younger lot because they exude rebel in their everyday life? Is it right for the children to brand their parents wrong without understanding their way of thinking? I believe that generation gaps are going to occur. No one can stop it. A broad vision and an understanding nature can make a monumental difference. But the residents of this society are very comfortable in the bubble created by them or the society. A systemized approach can change the dynamics of todays society. Point is, will we try to change it? Will we stop defending our opinions and try accepting the other? Or will the society perish into two different ideologies bound together by destiny but broken by choice?

Guest writer – TK

In my city

What’s your favourite part of the city you live in? Peace among the crowd? A haven of greenery where the wet soil exuberates you? Or is it a quiet point away from the city where you go to view the stars?

As much as you hate the crowd in your city, almost each one of you has found a secret spot that has the power to calm you. It is a place that is the epitome of serene, a secret locked away and treasured for no one can know about its magical abilities.

It is a place where all shackles are broken, all disguises are shattered.

It connects to your soul in a way that maybe nothing else will. It guides you, gives you the means to search for your ultimate truth, your goal.

Love your city
Enjoy each part of it
The frenzied crowd
Peace at night
The rat race
That’s where you live
That’s where you belong
That’s who you are
That’s what makes you YOU
And that’s what will never let you back down.