Who’s the best?

How does one know who is the best?

Those who try and put in efforts to excel are truly the best as opposed to those who try to be the best by competing with others.



Living the best life. Living MY best life. According to my terms, my wishes. Life feels incomplete without those non negotiable items that we all have. I have lived my life with them all these years and now life just seems incomplete without them.

This may be viewed as a selfish, stubborn, shallow life. But they are my choices, on my own terms, with my own capabilities. Sadly, even perceptions have fallen prey to the society. Perception is acceptable only if it’s popular, societal. But in this dynamic land, is it a crime to nurture a thought different from others?

Musings of a broken heart

I feel fearful, uneasy, sad. I donโ€™t know.
Is it the fear of an unseen , unimaginable future?
Itโ€™s too much to bear
At times it feels dying is simpler than enduring each day like this.

You were no one to me, you wanted me, you loved me and eventually I made you my life and today I am stranded. Today Iโ€™m no one to you.
I want to recover but it just worsens day by day.

But I shall pay the price for my deeds. Karma comes back. This is me. Confused, shattered but resilient.
Hopeful for a better tomorrow.

Rise up

Everyone wants money

But it is not something that you can hold on to forever; itโ€™s something which is not in your control, you can save it, use it wisely but no one can assure you that it will stay with you forever.

Itโ€™s easy to console others, paint a beautiful tomorrow when they are at tenterhooks, but how many people can actually practice what they preach.

If you lose money today, instead of mourning over it, itโ€™s better to understand and realise that it was not meant to be yours. On the contrary, you should believe that though I lost something today, I have all the faith and strength within me to earn back what I lost and to prosper in the coming years. That in a few meagre years, this would not only serve as a valuable lesson of life but a reflection of my determination.

Life is full of surprises. Embrace each part and move on. Keep at it and the sun will come out again.

The power of Simplicity

Simplicity touches more souls than a strong vocabularies.
This has been proved time and again by the great influencers of this world.
Abraham Lincoln’s presidential speech is one such example.
A simple call out to the masses, to uphold the sacrifice for the soldiers of the country makes you patriotic for a country that you won’t even belong to.
You don’t need anything but intent to make an impact on the world. Truly, all men are created equal.

True Friendship

Your life is only as crazy as those who surround you. Small moments make up most of what your life is today:

Best friends giggling their way through class
Winning all love IQ tests with each surprise
Going the extra mile for the person who isn’t your lover, that’s true friendship
Having the trust of your partner who wouldn’t mind you partying with friends till the wee hours
Road trips, singing, dancing on roads are moments never to be forgotten
Talking crap, lame jokes, extremely personal questions is the foundation of any true friendship
Meeting once in six months but with the bond of 6 years ago
Life is made up of all these kinds of people.
Life can have a lot of ups and downs but never will it be boring.