It’s said to be best when roads are parallel and never intersect, there is constant communication. Both roads live on close to each other with their own paths. But once the roads cross, there is no proximity. Then there is only divergence and distance which keeps on increasing. Stay parallel, stay happy!



We are so clouded by the beauty/ truth of a picture that we fail to see the back of the coin. The photographer is sometimes so taken with the idea of the picture that humanity is shoved aside. Sometimes the best picture need not be captured but should be salvaged. Humanity for humanity’s sake should be encouraged.

The Right Word

One word but with different meanings in different languages and countries.

It can be a mark of respect/ gratitude towards someone or it may be an insult.

It’s so necessary to know and use the correct word or the conversation/ person may steer out of control. In today’s cut throat world, it’s far easier to misjudge someone than to try and accept a reasoning. Language, the very invention of man is now coming in the way of communication. Such are the paradox of things.

Being average

The jack of all trades but the master of none. How many of you relate to this perfectly? You never came first but you would do reasonably well. You came about 4th or 5th in a race. You were never selected to be the lead in a play but you’d still contribute anyway you could. You know how to do a wide range of activities but there’s none which you are particularly great at.

But life is still amazing. Because you know you’re average and you enjoy life irrespective.

It’s not true that you have zero achievements or zero ambition. You have to figure life out too, you have to experience it all, you will find what inspires you. You won’t have anyone tell you what you should do. You know you are different because you are average.

I’m not someone with a great vocabulary or incredible sense of humour, but I am happy to be who I am, I’m a simple, humble soul who too has aspirations in life. I’m average. I was an average student, i am reasonably good at my work but not irreplaceable. And I’m happy.

I know I will still do something good in my life by being average.

To all those who are average in life and feel like life did them wrong. Don’t hate life till you experience all of it.

The overload

Unlimited data or storage is a gift to today’s world. But what is it that we actually do with it, do we use it to access and store information that can help the world or is it majority of garbage which is never cleaned. This is nothing but a waste of time and resources due to which credible data shall forever be hidden and lost in the heaps of data that the future era will never access.

So maybe sometimes it’s good to have less as it will be valued and preserved.