Our shadow shows who we are. Shadows are big or small based on the position of the sun, they are present or absent based on the time.

With every move we make we try to overcome our shadow and walk towards a ray of hope by leaving our baggage behind us.

The only constant is that we move. We evolve. We change. In the hope for a different future. That’s all any one can do.


The Power of Me

I am who I am. I will not justify myself to anyone. I don’t need to love myself through the skewed version of society. Irrespective of whether I’m religious or an atheist, whether I enjoy alcohol or am a teetotaler. Whether I’m a vegetarian or not. Whether I smoke, whether I believe in social service. Irrespective of any of my beliefs.

Why are there socialistic pre-requisites to survive in this world? Why is each one judged based on their choices? Why welcome some and shun some based on their right to live life the way they want?

No one has a right to judge me for anything I do, did, didn’t do or don’t plan to do.

I live irrespective of what people believe I should be doing. I do not owe them a justification for my faith.

I believe that the Almighty sees all. I believe in karma. I believe in giving more than expecting. I believe in leaning away from the materialistic world we are brought up in. I believe in a fairy tale. I believe that the best is yet to come.

And it’s okay if you don’t believe these things. Because we believe in humanity.

Happy Birthday, Aquarian!

This post is dedicated to all the Aquarians around the globe and the ones who will join us in the years to come!

Aquarians are sweet, fun loving, pretty to look at, always ready to try something new, and full of energy and enthusiasm. They are water babies with travel at the top of their priority list and agony aunts who give wise advice. They never lose the child in them even after they grow old and they simply light up the atmosphere! Aquarians make for very good friends who you can confide in and those who will always stand for what is right.

Though these are the widely accepted traits of Aquarians, if you happen to know one personally, you will agree that they are mad and extremely adorable!

They will bring back the kid in you and make you smile as conversations with them are never-ending.

Here’s wishing all the Aquarians a very happy birthday!

Tag your Aquarian friends to cherish and wish them πŸ™‚

Caged Beauty

It is the most unbelievable irony of our life, imprisoning all that is beautiful. Why do we need to cage all beautiful things, be it humans or inanimate objects, animals or antiques? Why is there a sense of property assigned to beauty? Why do we cross the line from appreciation to obsession? A Cage need not mean physically behind bars but can also include emotional imprisonment. Is it that beauty can not be left free? Or is it the nature of humans that make it impossible to? We endanger everything around us be it living or not. Be free, live and let live, respect each one’s freedom and personal space. Animals are not meant to live their life in enclosed spaces! Let them conquer the earth as is their right to! That is the only way they can thrive in such a dynamic world. No one should be caged. If you truly love them, let them free. View them in their most exuberant nature. Admire them as they take on the world as their own. We must act before it’s too late. Before an extreme situation arises where there is no animal/ fish/ mammal left in this world because we did not give them a chance to evolve/ adapt/ survive.


Just to clarify this write up does not relate to the physical meaning of the word naked but rather the state of mind.

‘Naked’ is a state of mind, a thought, self – awareness

It is a form of clarity that can unleash our innermost demons. This type of creativity is baring your soul on canvas, via a camera, write ups or music. Strip down all the walls and let the world in.

Unless and until we try we will never be able to accept the good with the bad within us, take the acceptance with the denial and the compliments with the suggestions. We must gauge how the world reacts to us in order to realize to what extent we need to improve. Being a perfectionist in this manner would take us to the level that we want to reach.