You’re worth it

The world is ruthless
People are selfish
You will be taken advantage of
You will be in pain, you will suffer
People, times, your life will change
You will be ripped in pieces by your loved ones over the years

And if you’re lucky, you may find that one person who will make you whole again.

Most people spend their entire life time trying to find that one person
But most don’t realise, that person is IN you.

The power to regenerate your war torn soul. Your knight in shining armour. The light at the end of the tunnel.

So turn inwards and find your true self!

Coz baby, you’re worth it

Happy new year!

End 2018 with a smile on your face and welcome 2019 with fireworks in the sky and a spark in your heart!

Reminisce over the glorious time well spent over the years as one more gets added to the list.

Our time is limited and life comes with an expiry date. So don’t regret any time lapsed. Consider it one more drop in an ocean of memories.

Another year comes to an end with one chapter being completed and a new one beginning, leaving us with a blank slate to write the next one…


Why do you say that you like having power or would like to have power?

What is your end goal or level of satisfaction?

Is your ego the cause of your desire for power or is it directly proportionate to the title you hold?

Which aspect of power appeals to you the most? Being able to dominate, influence or perhaps command respect or is it to be able to be a role model…

What did you have to sacrifice to reach where you are? Or what are you willing to or can sacrifice to reach your end goal?

At what age do you plan to attain all you want?

What is your preference? Being a powerful person or a people’s person?