Waiting in queues, following laws/ instructions

Are we just fearful of the law or do we actually believe in its vitality? Some follow blindly, some break the law, some understand it’s importance. Maybe majority of us blindly follow, but there is always that one exception time and again who challenges the law. The thought is put into action and gradually the “sheep” follow.
Respect the law but dare to hold your own if your truth deserves more adherence.
Don’t be afraid to challenge everything you know. Don’t be afraid to follow the general law if you believe in it. Such is the nature of evolution



We are so clouded by the beauty/ truth of a picture that we fail to see the back of the coin. The photographer is sometimes so taken with the idea of the picture that humanity is shoved aside. Sometimes the best picture need not be captured but should be salvaged. Humanity for humanity’s sake should be encouraged.

Being average

The jack of all trades but the master of none. How many of you relate to this perfectly? You never came first but you would do reasonably well. You came about 4th or 5th in a race. You were never selected to be the lead in a play but you’d still contribute anyway you could. You know how to do a wide range of activities but there’s none which you are particularly great at.

But life is still amazing. Because you know you’re average and you enjoy life irrespective.

It’s not true that you have zero achievements or zero ambition. You have to figure life out too, you have to experience it all, you will find what inspires you. You won’t have anyone tell you what you should do. You know you are different because you are average.

I’m not someone with a great vocabulary or incredible sense of humour, but I am happy to be who I am, I’m a simple, humble soul who too has aspirations in life. I’m average. I was an average student, i am reasonably good at my work but not irreplaceable. And I’m happy.

I know I will still do something good in my life by being average.

To all those who are average in life and feel like life did them wrong. Don’t hate life till you experience all of it.


Forever is an outdated concept today. And for good cause. We promise eternity but fall short of its expectations.


It’s immaturity to think that we want all of that forever whereas the truth is we need everything at different points in life. That’s the best part of humanity, it’s dynamic.
Why subject yourself to one attribute forever when you can have small bits of heaven all throughout. Taste each phase of life with a renewed vigor, don’t fall prey to your comfort zone.

Be Wild, Be Free!

History of the World

The start of the human race was initiated from Africa. The greatest civilisations to ever have existed were made centuries ago in the following regions:

1. Indus Valley civilisation ( of Bronze Age) – Harappa, Mohenjo-radro, Dholavira, Ganeriwala , Rakhigarhi.

2. Egypt civilisation – most ancient pyramids were built in Saqqara. However, largest pyramid built was Khufu at Giza

3. Mesopotamia – Ziggurat in Iraq along the rivers of Tigris-Euphrates

4. Damascus – Damascus, Syria. Damascus is widely believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, with evidence of habitation dating back to at least 11,000 years ago.

Where do these countries stand today in relation to power, civilisation rate, standard of living, technology?

There has been nil progress as compared to the origins of these civilisations. These civilisations were more advanced as compared to the world around them. They could sense the future and achieve it but they were unable to sustain themselves against the mankind’s follies.

What we guage is that a super power today will not be there forever and there will be a new entrant w.r.t. power/ technology. All this is built today by extracting resources from existing flourishing nations.

We can only wait and watch what does the human race do next or where will the world lead us in the coming years. The only predictable thing about humanity is its unpredictability.