The Power of Me

I am who I am. I will not justify myself to anyone. I don’t need to love myself through the skewed version of society. Irrespective of whether I’m religious or an atheist, whether I enjoy alcohol or am a teetotaler. Whether I’m a vegetarian or not. Whether I smoke, whether I believe in social service. Irrespective of any of my beliefs.

Why are there socialistic pre-requisites to survive in this world? Why is each one judged based on their choices? Why welcome some and shun some based on their right to live life the way they want?

No one has a right to judge me for anything I do, did, didn’t do or don’t plan to do.

I live irrespective of what people believe I should be doing. I do not owe them a justification for my faith.

I believe that the Almighty sees all. I believe in karma. I believe in giving more than expecting. I believe in leaning away from the materialistic world we are brought up in. I believe in a fairy tale. I believe that the best is yet to come.

And it’s okay if you don’t believe these things. Because we believe in humanity.



Just to clarify this write up does not relate to the physical meaning of the word naked but rather the state of mind.

‘Naked’ is a state of mind, a thought, self – awareness

It is a form of clarity that can unleash our innermost demons. This type of creativity is baring your soul on canvas, via a camera, write ups or music. Strip down all the walls and let the world in.

Unless and until we try we will never be able to accept the good with the bad within us, take the acceptance with the denial and the compliments with the suggestions. We must gauge how the world reacts to us in order to realize to what extent we need to improve. Being a perfectionist in this manner would take us to the level that we want to reach.

Parents and their lives with kids 

The Oxford dictionary defines parenthood as “a state of being a parent and responsibilities involved”

If only living it were that simple. According to me parenthood is a word which cannot be defined. It is a never ending process till your demise.

Becoming a mother/ father is easy. Living like a parent is another story.

For each child, their parents are role models for them. As they grow up they understand the sacrifices their parents have made to raise them the way they are. The learnings they have bestowed so that their children can be better parents. 

We have children because of various reasons. For happiness, for the logical next step, for family. However once we have them in our lives, we fail to realise that WE LIVE FOR THEM. It’s good to love your child but not to the extent where they rule your life and it becomes your duty to fulfil their each and every demand. Our love for them should not overpower our duty to groom them to be a good human being.

It’s good to introduce discipline and orderliness in your kids life but never at the cost of your own. It should never Result in cancelling all social gatherings for a few years and living in isolation, revolving your life around your kids schedule.

Are we making our child capable to face a situation independently in the future? Or we making them dependent on us? Are we ensuring they can take cognizance of a bad situation and work their way around it? Or are we letting them assume we are at their beck and call at all times?

On the other hand parents also have to change their life style if they want to be a role model. A balance needs to be struck.

It’s good to remember that children are an extension to our life but do not replace them with your life. 

It’s good to teach lessons to our kids but we also have to ensure they learn few by themselves. We should be always there for them, support them but we should also let them fall and let them get up on their own. Protecting them is different from coddling them. 

Life teaches us the best lessons. But we have to remember that we live to fight another day. Always.