I love you

Strength is what I call you,
Yet calling you my weakness would also be true,

I want to be with you for eternity
I miss you each night when you’re not with me,

Long nights and stretching days,
And all I can remember are your beautiful ways

My eyes seek you
The heart beats for you
I wait for you, wanting you

This love will last forever and your absence will be felt each time when you’re not around me
Do not leave me alone, It makes me go crazy

Love truly makes you soar. Soak up all the February love.❤


The Power of Me

I am who I am. I will not justify myself to anyone. I don’t need to love myself through the skewed version of society. Irrespective of whether I’m religious or an atheist, whether I enjoy alcohol or am a teetotaler. Whether I’m a vegetarian or not. Whether I smoke, whether I believe in social service. Irrespective of any of my beliefs.

Why are there socialistic pre-requisites to survive in this world? Why is each one judged based on their choices? Why welcome some and shun some based on their right to live life the way they want?

No one has a right to judge me for anything I do, did, didn’t do or don’t plan to do.

I live irrespective of what people believe I should be doing. I do not owe them a justification for my faith.

I believe that the Almighty sees all. I believe in karma. I believe in giving more than expecting. I believe in leaning away from the materialistic world we are brought up in. I believe in a fairy tale. I believe that the best is yet to come.

And it’s okay if you don’t believe these things. Because we believe in humanity.