We are so clouded by the beauty/ truth of a picture that we fail to see the back of the coin. The photographer is sometimes so taken with the idea of the picture that humanity is shoved aside. Sometimes the best picture need not be captured but should be salvaged. Humanity for humanity’s sake should be encouraged.



Freshly ground coffee. Vivacious, fresh roses. The earth right after a shower of rain. These are just a few of the numerous scents which appeal to us. Fragrance. Something that revitalizes us with just a whiff. Something you would like after a long, hard day to de-stress. But isn’t there fragrance around us all the time in some way or the other? Nature too has a fragrance. The toil to succeed at life also has a fragrance. Your home also has a fragrance. We are so consumed by the fast-paced life that we fail to recognize the sweet smelling life that we are in. Life has a fragrance, every second has its own sweet scent. Can you embrace it?