Breaking the Stereotypes 

For all the males without the ‘Fe’

Females tend to cry and vent out their emotions (happiness, pain, fear, anger, sadness, loneliness). Males on the contrary bury their emotions within them. The world feels that they are strong enough to withstand everything but with each burial they become weak inside. Most of the times they eventually vent it out as anger because of society’s conditioning. More often that not, we don’t know what is truly going on in their heart.

“Men are strong, boys don’t cry”. This mantra is repeated countlessly forcing our males to put on a strong facade and believe it. No doubt they are strong but there is no harm in shedding a few tears if that makes you feel light hearted instead of carrying on the baggage forever.

For all the lovely and caring boys and men: We know even you get hurt, you feel sad, betrayed and have a sea of emotions, eventually we are humans. Let us shed the societal norms of how should one act and behave. Break free.


One word multiple connotations – 

It may mean lighting fire, bringing a smile on a child’s face, an electrical shock, or a Eureka thought!

It may result in fire, brightness, shock, attention, light, thought, anger, eagerness or curiousity. 

For us, a ‘spark’ is a spark of change, to stand for what is correct, to support the truth, to fight for justice, to fight for equality.

Let us all have a spark in us as that will keep us motivated in life each day, to achieve great heights, to feel special, every moment. 

May the spark be with us.

Life like that of Ants

The caption may sound weird but it is well founded.

One day on my way to work, I looked around and noticed hundreds of people rushing past me for work, school or just life. Why do we run around? Why do we work? The answer as we all know is “Money”.

Money which is essential for a future, for our daily necessities and to save up during the good for the bad times.

Not surprisingly, ants work hard through out the year to gather food to eat and to save up for bad times. Sound similar? They gather food and we gather money that can buy food.

At any point of time the ant colonies can be destroyed, by us or any act of nature. Don’t we fail to realise that our homes are also at the mercy of a larger force of nature? In both these illustrations, a great number of lives are lost.

We also share the same determination to start over and re build our lives after any catastrophe.

Just like ants we live in unity and in harmony, but if endangered a full throttle attack should be expected.

Hence, what are we but just another species like ants in this magnificent universe. 🐜