Seeking AdviceĀ 


Love, Faith and Marriage

Love someone who loves you more than you love yourself.

Be with the one on whom you have utmost faith that the person will never let anything bad happen to you. Faith is standing on the edge of a cliff and stepping toward a valley,  knowing there will be no land under your feet,  but having that faith in your heart that he will hold your hand and not let you fall.

Marry someone who lives to see a smile on your face.

If you find that someone who checks all the three boxes above, you will never by unhappy or sad in life!

Responsible CitizenshipĀ 

Indian army and My Nation

I just discussed this with my family yesterday and today I plan to share my thoughts on social media. 

How responsible are you for this nation? What is your responsibility towards INDIA? 

It’s just one question which has been left unanswered by this country for far too long. 

I have asked this question to myself many a time and each time the thought of the Indian army warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

I am unable to fathom how most of the parents want their children to be educated and be successful by climbing up an invisible corporate ladder. How rare are the parents who proudly proclaim “I want my children to serve in the INDIAN ARMY, AIR FORCE, NAVY or as part of the allied services!” Not one of these parents are around me. I have atleast 100 friends on Facebook but none of them patriotic enough to serve our country,  including myself. 

Why does patriotism appeal to only a fair few of us? Why do we not want to serve this country which has given us our freedom, happiness and a place to call “home”. It’s a question worth asking yourself. 

I respectfully salute the men and women out there serving this nation so we can live peacefully with our family when they do not get to reap the same benefits.

Jai Hind.

Freedom and the Cage

The worst misconception each human being has is that “They are free”

Each day we live in our apartment, house, penthouse, mansion or even palace. We call it our home, it’s decorated with the best of things to meet our needs but have we anytime realised it’s a CAGE that we built and call it with different names? 

How many people think they can live in the open, wild, caves or in our case,  roads if need be,  without being ashamed or afraid?  Ok, road is a bit too much as there is freedom but we are in no way close to nature. If one had to spend the  rest of their life in their home without moving out, it will drive them crazy and that’s the reason why I call it a cage as we ourself can not think of living in it forever without moving out of it. On the contrary if one had to live out in the open,  they can survive forever and live a lifetime. 

Animals are more free than us. They can go walk around and do whatever they want. While the smartest creatures on this planet need to live in cage, scared of a 1000 things. 

Let us embrace the reality, because even I’m one of you and I live in a home ‘CAGE’