Happy Birthday, Aquarian!

This post is dedicated to all the Aquarians around the globe and the ones who will join us in the years to come!

Aquarians are sweet, fun loving, pretty to look at, always ready to try something new, and full of energy and enthusiasm. They are water babies with travel at the top of their priority list and agony aunts who give wise advice. They never lose the child in them even after they grow old and they simply light up the atmosphere! Aquarians make for very good friends who you can confide in and those who will always stand for what is right.

Though these are the widely accepted traits of Aquarians, if you happen to know one personally, you will agree that they are mad and extremely adorable!

They will bring back the kid in you and make you smile as conversations with them are never-ending.

Here’s wishing all the Aquarians a very happy birthday!

Tag your Aquarian friends to cherish and wish them πŸ™‚


Author: Veorren

With all due respect, I don't really care πŸ’

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Aquarian!”

  1. And aquarians are the most witty and intelligent of all zodiac signs!
    One more good thing of aquarian is that if you are on an aquarian mind, he/she wud do all that can be done to help you in bad times


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