Caged Beauty

It is the most unbelievable irony of our life, imprisoning all that is beautiful. Why do we need to cage all beautiful things, be it humans or inanimate objects, animals or antiques? Why is there a sense of property assigned to beauty? Why do we cross the line from appreciation to obsession? A Cage need not mean physically behind bars but can also include emotional imprisonment. Is it that beauty can not be left free? Or is it the nature of humans that make it impossible to? We endanger everything around us be it living or not. Be free, live and let live, respect each one’s freedom and personal space. Animals are not meant to live their life in enclosed spaces! Let them conquer the earth as is their right to! That is the only way they can thrive in such a dynamic world. No one should be caged. If you truly love them, let them free. View them in their most exuberant nature. Admire them as they take on the world as their own. We must act before it’s too late. Before an extreme situation arises where there is no animal/ fish/ mammal left in this world because we did not give them a chance to evolve/ adapt/ survive.


Author: Veorren

With all due respect, I don't really care πŸ’

9 thoughts on “Caged Beauty”

  1. I like this. Hey we moved into a heavily wooded area with a lot of deer, turkey, rabbit, quail etc. we’ve decided to leave it open and I fenced and it is amazing how the animals have taken a liking to our place. Harmony is nice. We try to be good neighbors.

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